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    A Must Have For Any Mom

    These notes are AMAZING!! I love the variety and my kids love them too! With work and juggling schedules, it's hard to find moments to connect. Lunchbox Love gives me that daily moment. My daughter even said it's her favorite part of lunch! It's our little secret message ritual now.
    -Stephanie, Mother of 3

    Magical Notes

    I never realized the impact a simple note could have until my son started bringing home stories of how his Lunchbox Love note cheered him up or helped him make a friend. Thank you for making it so easy to send a piece of my heart with him every day.
    - Morgan, Mother of 1

    Try it & See What Happens!!

    As a mom, you always want to ensure your child feels loved, especially in environments that can sometimes be tough. Lunchbox Love notes are my way of wrapping my kids in a hug, even when I can't be there physically.
    Amy, Mother of 2

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    The benefits of lunchbox love notes

    • Emotional Support:

      It shows children that their parents are thinking about them, which can provide emotional support and comfort.

    • Boosts Confidence:

      Positive affirmations and compliments can boost a child's self-confidence and self-esteem.

    • Encourages Positive Behavior:

      Notes can be used to reinforce important values like kindness, empathy, and gratitude.

    • Improves Literacy:

      Reading notes can help improve a child's reading skills.


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    Hi, I'm Kara

    I am obsessed with personal development. My kids are now 17 & 18 and I was always trying to help them navigate the challenges of being a kid and help them stay positive and be kind humans in school which is not an easy task.

    I decided to start lunchbox love because its the little things done over time that make the biggest impact in our kids lives.

    Let's face it as a mom you are busy doing all the things so let my team help you create connection, boost your kids self confidence & encourage them to be kind leaders. All you have to do is Print them & Pack them. Your Kids will LOVE them!

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